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Office of Research and Development, National University of Tainan


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With more than 120 years behind us, the College of Education at the National University of Tainan is in a "new beginning." The centenary NUTN has been famous for education ever since its foundation. This "new beginning" is a result of long standing leadership in professional development. Relying on its previous traditions and successes, the present set of circumstances calls on the College to take on a re-invigorated mission. This occurs at the same time as a nationwide call for renewed collaboration between educational sectors to dramatically improve K-12 education.

The College of Education seeks to impart professional values and ethical behavior to its candidates, and to encourage them to be creative members of school and community teams and leaders in the introduction of innovations that will result in greater equity for children, schools, and families in communities. The vision of the College of Education is to prepare enlightened professionals who value the interdependent and dynamic nature of the human condition and who perform effectively to strengthen collaboration with community partners.

Red Building

Red Building